Dinnerdate — Time

We're glad to welcome back our friend Dinnerdate, who after a slight hiatus to rejuvenate and prioritize, has returned with a fresh new single by the name of Time. Though his stint away may have been unexpected, you'll find yourself quickly assured it was worth the wait upon pressing play. It's clear the German producer has found plenty of inspiration, with this new track bringing us a sound that's as exploratory as it is refined. Dinnerdate deftly weaves an atmosphere ripe with luminous piano chords, choice vocal clips and bubbling arrangements, for a vibe we can both dance and kick back to, whatever the inclination.

Word on the street is Dinnerdate's got a lot more for us in the coming months as well, and with this as the first taste, we sure can't wait. For now, have a listen to Time below and snag a free download here.