CS Premiere | Jamie Prado — Seven Seas

Over the past year or so, Los Angeles up–and–comer Jamie Prado has been starting to make waves with his refined house productions. Already having dropped a series of single and EP releases this year alone, prolific would be an understatement when describing his output. Today sees that keen work ethic continue with the release of a brand new two–track EP, Milk & Honey. And we have the pleasure of bringing you the premiere of set's second track, Seven Seas, this morning.

Seven Seas is a rolling melodic cut, intricate yet approachable, and an ideal pairing to the synth–led funk of the EP opener. On the whole an instrumental track, with subtle touches of soulful vocal dusted throughout, Prado presents us with a phenomenally polished, emotive composition that's brimming with radiant piano melodies and snappy percussive textures. It's a refreshing affair, prime for finding a spot of sun and letting your mind drift freely.

The release is out today via the freshly minted PUZL Records, a new label offering from the founders of LAMP. We don't hesitate to say this is some of Prado's best work to date, so tune in below and pick the set up on Beatport now.

Also, if you happen to find yourself in LA this coming weekend. PUZL Records will be holding a kickoff and EP release party on Saturday, May 7th. Details here.