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Benson ft. Thom Crawford — Hollow


Aussie party starter, Medium Rare Recordings label head and all around legend Benson is back at it, following the success of last year’s Hot Mess ft. Lex Famous, with a brand new single boasting the vocal talents of Thom CrawfordHollow sees the typically raucous producer reining things in a bit, instead delivering a smooth sailing slice of house bliss, trimmed with off-kilter beats, though we can’t rightly say the lyrical content won’t stir up some animalistic instincts. Wrap your ears around a stream of the catchy cut below, with it’s official release set for September 4th via our friends at Sweat It Out. There’s also an ace remix package to come, so keep a lookout.

Equal — Shakedown (feat. Seja)


We’re not completely sure why it is that warm weather and disco fit so well together, but the two make an undeniably perfect pair, and considering we’re in the midst of some seriously hot Indian summer days here in San Francisco right now, we couldn’t be more glad to have had this new jam from NYC’s Equal dropped into our hands. Shakedown is a culmination of the DJ and producer’s lifetime of musical study, plus a recent session between international friends at The Knocks’ HeavyRoc studios, and those myriad influences definitely shine through in all their instrumental infused, vocally brilliant glory. It’s refreshingly carefree, unapologetically boisterous and we want more. The future looks bright for Equal, oh yes, and we can’t wait to hear what’s to come.

The track is out officially today via HeavyRoc Music, of course. We’d highly suggest picking yourself up a copy.



We’re not sure about you guys, but over the next month we’ll be the living embodiment of ‘work hard, play hard’, with a handful of travels and lots of business to take care of. And it goes without saying that a great collection of tunes is essential for a time like this. Luckily, there have been some amazing releases as of late, which are included in this week’s Jam Jar. We’ve got a long time favorite producer of ours, Robotaki, out with a brand new and brilliant take on Autograf’s Dream, his fellow Canadians Love Thy Brother coming through with a remix of rising star Kiiara’s track Feels — which we might just have on repeat for the next thirty days straight — plus all sorts of other goodness in between. So whether it’s business or pleasure you’ve got going on, these jams are sure to do you right. Jump in and get moving.

Listen to the playlist on Soundcloud, here.

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Ofelia K — White T-Shirt (Golden Coast Remix)


Did we just close our eyes and wake up to find ourselves basking beneath the tropical sun, floating weightlessly upon waves of turquoise waters? Yes, yes we did. Thanks to LA’s Golden Coast our day just got a little more easygoing. The duo are back after a brief hiatus with their second remix to date, this time of newcomer Ofelia K’s breakout single White T–Shirt. They’ve done a brilliant job capturing the original’s emotive essence while infusing it with a lively energy and breezy blissfulness, which will have you transported to a more vibrant setting with ease. Catch the stream below and kick back.

The Alexanders — Loving You


Any day we get fresh material from Yuksek or Alex Metric is a great day indeed, and this past week gifted us the best of both worlds with a new track from the pair’s collaborative project, The Alexanders. In line with their previous releases Don’t Miss and Pwoin Pwoin PwoinLoving You brings the duo’s disco-fueled, French-touch tinged sound in all its splendor. Spirited synths, feel-good house hooks and just the right vocal touches combine with enough infectious energy to have you dancefloor inclined within seconds. It’s as polished and versatile, not to mention party-ready, as anything you would expect from the accomplished producers.

The track is available now, featured as part of Partyfine Vol. 2. Pick it up here and enjoy.

Joe Hertz — Leylines


We’ve got your early morning pick–me–up courtesy of London producer Joe Hertz, with his new track Leylines. Known for his genre-blending abilities and versatile sound, the track comes as a showcase of just that and his myriad influences. An intricately knit mixture of crisp kicks, tactful breaks and bubbling beats shift together to create something that’s as infectious as it is distinctive. With choice tunes such as Isolate and Tears, a brilliant take on Tourist’s Holding On and now this, Joe Hertz quite clearly sits at the top of our list of producers to keep an eye on. Have a listen to Leylines below, then pop over to Soundcloud to grab yourself a free download.

Blonde — Feel Good (It’s Alright) feat. Karen Harding


The weekend has arrived and the Blonde boys have got just the thing to kick it off right. Last week the duo, made up of Adam Englefield and Jacob Manson, put out their brand new single Feel Good (It’s Alright) and as is usual we’re instantly addicted. True to form, the track is a hands-in-the-air house anthem, sporting spotless vocal work courtesy of Karen Harding, who we’ve previously fallen for via her own original Say Something and feature on Arches New Love a few months back. The guys certainly have no shortage of talent when it comes to creating infectious tunes, with this one coming as a prime display of just that. Rollicking melodies, crisp hooks and a buoyant backbone keep the energy soaring the whole way through. Tune in below and let yourself go.

Also, in case this one passed you by a couple weeks back, don’t miss their other recent original All Night ft. Mar, part of Eton Messy’s 2015 Compilation. Absolutely ace tune.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias — Make You Feel (Hotel Garuda Remix)


Every once in awhile a track comes along that’s so perfectly suited to your mood, it holds you hostage every moment until you’re able to hit play once again. Our buds Hotel Garuda have dropped such a track on us today, and we can guarantee you won’t want to miss it. Few artists can claim such a spotless track record as the DC/LA duo has had over the past year, with this latest remix of Alina Baraz & Galimatias‘ stellar single Make You Feel continuing that winning streak. If you’ve ever caught the guys live or listened to one of their mixes, you’ll know what an impressively versatile palate they have, and that’s on full display here. Such a beautiful original usually requires no reworking, but HG have done a phenomenal job with their interpretation. By tightening up the slow-burning track and injecting delicately constructed yet highly danceable layers and progressions into the mix, you’ll quickly find yourself up on your feet taking it for a spin or ten.

The remix will be available tomorrow, August 21st, via iTunes. Until then, catch the stream below and enjoy!

Mackenzie Thoms — Conviction


Today we’re bringing you a new one from LA–based Mackenzie Thoms, his debut single actually, and you’re going to love it whether you know it yet or not. There’s been a handful of tunes with this vibe coming our way as of late, that sleekly strung together, R&B tinged style, but you’ll find no complaints here because we really can’t get enough. Conviction sells itself as understated at the start, but quickly blooms to life through a collection of percussive kicks and bubbling beats in line with Thoms’ sharp vocal work. With a debut effort as finely crafted as this, we can’t wait for what comes next.

The track is out August 21st via South By Sea, a label whose been responsible for some amazing new artists on the scene recently, so keep your ears perked.



Less words this week, just a whole lot of great new music. We’re getting the juices flowing with a triple threat lineup of funky breaks courtesy of WYLN, Maximus MMC & FAB, and LBCK respectively. Following those come untouchably hot jams from some of our longtime favorites, Moon Boots and Keljet, in addition to fresh faces Jarreau Vandal and Sapele. Get your fix below and as always, enjoy!

Listen to the playlist on Soundcloud, here.

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