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Sure, this one’s coming at you a little late in the day today, but, we like jams and you like jams so let’s all just jam together and get over it alright? We’re not too sure what to saw about this lineup except that the amount of ace tunes out right now is pretty astonishing. From Hemingway’s Balearic take on Metronomy kicking things off and Joe Hertz’ lushly tropical spin on Years & Years, to a pumping new original courtesy of Moon Boots, and Cassian’s unstoppable Running ft. Cleopold — there’s absolutely not shortage of good vibes here. Dig in while they’re fresh!

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There are a handful of artists whose vision and sound tends to align with our own so well we couldn’t have dreamt it up any better. One of those people happens to be Toronto’s Mark Penner, known musically as Cyclist, which is why we were so overjoyed to have the chance to go tandem with him for a brand new feature. With a more than impressive track record which includes a winning remix on DFA and more for the likes of Shindu, Anoraak and Rogue Vogue, a handful of highly successful originals, two sizzling monthly’s in his home city, and an overall affinity for producing tracks brimming with an infectious funk vibe — it’s really no wonder he’s got our, and many others, attention.

Over the past week we got together with Mark, between his international wanderings and analog daydreams, to get the details on what’s been happening in his world. Catch our interview below full of highlights surrounding his new label with Karl Kling of RAC, some recent mixing of work and play down in Mexico, and the inspirations of funky music. Of course, we couldn’t leave you without some jams to enjoy, so Mark has put together a gem-filled mix for us as well, which will surely have you moving and grooving in no time.

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Dinnerdate — Memoire

Dinnerdate | Memoire

Munich’s Simon Hoppe, aka Dinnerdate, has long been high on our list of producers to keep an eye on. And with such excellent recent originals as Filou and Souls Together, not to mention a grip of essential remixes, that’s really no surprise. He’s got an unquestionable talent for arranging tracks which come off as both soulful and invigorating all at once, something which is on full display here with his latest single Memoire. Resounding chords, crisp hi-hats and percussive knocks, and a slick sample of Deborah Cox’s ’98 jam September seamlessly string together for a lucid daydream that’s swimming with a multitude of glistening layers. Equal parts ambient, house, and future vibes, this one’s sure to be enjoyed again and again.

The track is out now via our friends over at LA’s Next Wave Records. Pick it up for free, here.

Curses & DKDS — Trouble Feat. SYF

Curses & DKDS | Trouble

Here’s one for the late nights, the clear choice to soundtrack your rave to the grave this coming Halloween weekend. NYC’s Curses and DKDS have paired up with with SYF aka Starving Yet Full, former frontman of the almighty Azari & III, for a formidable new cut they’re calling Trouble. We’ll give you fair warning and just say get yourself prepped, as you’re about to be taken on a journey through the brooding depths, weaving in and out of intricate layering with a new surprise coming at you around every corner. Hypnotic is an understatement with the plethora of masterful sorcery at play here, and that’s a wrap. Snag a copy for yourself now and indulge in the nights ahead.

Wayward — Ugetsu EP


Even with all of it’s endless hills and transportation innovations, San Francisco is a walking city. It’s got just haphazardly enough of a layout, plus a history so colorful you could spend a lifetime learning about it, that there’s constantly something new to discover on every exploration, regardless of how long you may have lived here.

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Dirty South — Unbreakable (Autograf Remix)

Unbreakable | Autograf Remix

Let’s get our week going on the right note today, with an uplifting track courtesy of the dudes Autograf. The production trio has switched things up a bit on their latest output, a rework of Dirty South’s new single Unbreakable, mixing in a steadier moving flow than we’ve heard from them previously for their new ‘Future Nites’ series. Though still incorporating their now signature tranquilly energizing chords laced with notes of funk, giving the tune an upbeat yet somewhat ethereal vibe, they’ve also woven in plucky bass kicks and the percussive prowess of a marimba for a nod to their forthcoming live experience and a clever contrast to the track’s dreamy atmosphere. You certainly can’t fit this one into any box, with the guys once again delivering their refreshingly inventive style. Grab a copy via Beatport now and get your day moving.

Viceroy feat. Penguin Prison — The Life (Dave Edwards Remix)

The Life | Dave Edwards Remix

We couldn’t be more ready for the weekend on this fine Friday, and we’re looking to kick things off on a good note. Luckily, we know we can always count on our good homie Dave Edwards to come through, so we’ll look no further than his fresh new take on Viceroy and Penguin Prison’s The Life. Washing the original in his signature feel-good energy, the NYC-based producer has no trouble lifting our spirits and getting us moving, as per usual. This one’s simmering with a brilliant blend of styles, bringing Nu-Disco, UK House, and Indie Dance vibes together seamlessly, for an aural feast we couldn’t have dreamt up more perfectly. Go ahead and collect your copy here, hit play, repeat, and dance on into the sunset. Have a great weekend everybody!



A mainstay in their home country of Russia, Moscow’s Tesla Boy have been quickly gaining ground over the past year here in America, and for good reason. With a sound deeply seeped in the nostalgia inducing 80s, making it easy to draw comparisons to the likes of Cut Copy, Chromeo, or Holy Ghost, and a fashion-forward style that brings the whole package full circle — the four-person band led by Anton Sevidov has a appeal nearly impossible to ignore, and will undoubtedly be taking over your airwaves soon.

We had the opportunity to catch up with the guys for a quick chat, surrounding their appearance at Escape Music Festival in NYC a couple of weeks back, and dove a little deeper into the unsurprisingly awesome world that is Tesla Boy. Hear details about their recently released ‘The Universe Made of Darkness (Night Version)’ remix album, singing in Russian vs. English, and of course Anton’s favorite leather jacket. They’ve also put together an exclusive mix for us which, we’ll just say, will have you out of your seat and dancing in no time. Jump in below.

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We’ve got you lookin’ good, feelin’ good this week with a bevy of fresh new jams to add to your collection. Starting things off we’ve have Amtrac dishing out an exquisite take on Shakka’s When Will I See You, followed up by an irresistible remix of Fickle Friends courtesy of Cesare. Joining those two come Long Beach duo LBCK’s new original Takin’ Over, Just Kiddin coming through with an absolute gold rework of Becky Hill’s Losing, Embody and A*M*E teaming up for an instant classic that’s not to be missed — plus much, much more. Get into it!

Full playlist here.

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MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein — Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)

Back Home | Thomas Jack Remix

Though things have been a bit quiet on Thomas Jack’s end over the past few months, it seems he’s back in action once again, coming at us with his take on Ben Sollee last month and now this excellent remix for MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein’s Back Home. It’s no question that the Aussie producer has a talent for putting together instantly loved tracks, with a sound that’s equally as forward-thinking as it is universal. And this latest effort is a shining beacon, combining a backbeat of crisp percussion and a steady bassline, with melodic strings and a sax solo that’s as irresistible as they get. Past a sold out tour alongside his mate Kygo, we think it’s safe to say TJ is about to bring the tropical vibes bigger and better than ever. Snag yourself a copy of his Back Home remix here, and keep your ears perked.


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