CS Premiere | DANGLO — Go Back

We first laid our ears on the sounds of rising South London producer DANGLO nearly a year ago now. It was through his Swept Away EP, his sophomore release on seminal French imprint Kitsuné, and we were immediately taken by his ability to shift dynamically between styles and emotive palates, creating productions that had an incredibly versatile feel. Of course by that time he had already been making waves, and now after two acclaimed EPs on the label and numerous remixes, DANGLO has returned with yet another stellar release in his Complete EP.

Today we have the pleasure of bringing you the third single from the set, entitled Go Back. The track pulls his affinity for UK bass and house to the forefront, drawing us through poignant kicks and percussion with clever vocal cuts weaved throughout. It's delightfully unpredictable, full of seemingly untamed arrangements, yet layered with such an expert touch you never lose your way. That's a testament to the adept handle DANGLO possesses on his production, and one massive reason you should be keeping a keen eye on him as his stock rapidly continues to shoot upward.

Hear Go Back below, and catch the full Complete EP out now here. Also, don't miss DANGLO at Hackney Oslo March 19th as part of their ‘Quarters’ residency, in addition to a couple of European dates on the RÜFÜS tour.

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