Hotel Garuda — Smoke Signals

Hotel Garuda have not only become one of the more enthralling acts to watch over the past couple of years, but also one of the most rewarding. The DC/LA duo has been steadily gaining momentum through a series of impressively crafted remixes which, rather than feeling like sporadic one–offs, have helped begin to build a distinct personality for themselves. Now we're getting to see all those pieces fall into place, with the release of their debut original, Smoke Signals. Being familiar with their previous work and mixes, it's apparent the track encompasses their myriad influences and the signature style that's made their productions to date so successful, but it's also undoubtedly pushes their artistry forward. The guys have brought us a polished house cut that highlights their affinity for captivating vocals, and neatly tied things together through a seamless blend of snappy piano melodies and tasteful bass. Needless to say, it's pretty cool to see their hard work pay off so well.

Have a listen to the track, out now via PRMD Music, and be sure to keep your ears perked for what comes next.