CS Premiere | Alex Ferreira — Cambio (Delsonido Remix)

We'll be honest, before the opportunity to premiere this fantastic remix came our way, the names Alex Ferreira and Delsonido weren't entirely familiar to us. But man, are we glad they are now. And isn't that exactly why we do this in the first place, to discover brilliant new artists whose work sparks something inherently emotional in us the way only great music can?

Today we're bringing you a new remix of Dominican singer–songwriter Alex Ferreira's single Cambio, by–way–of Afro-Caribbean band Delsonido. It's the second track off theCinema Tropical Remixed EP, the original full length of which was released in the Summer 2015, via Mishu Records.The remix comes as a worldly piece of music brimming with a vibrant mesh of multicultural Latin sounds and electronic elements, a style the NYC–based Delsonido prides themselves on and that's aided by Ferreira's own roots. It's colorful instrumentals and soulful flare, combined with the engaging Spanish lyrics, bring an infectious energy to the track that's sure have you tossing your cares aside and up on you feet in no time. Have a listen in full below and start plotting your Latin American escape now.

The remix EP arrives March 25th via Mishu Records, featuring additional takes from Ambassadeurs, Jovian Path and Korduroy. You can pre–order it here.