Gallant — Weight In Gold (Zimmer Remix)

Yes, there's been a seemingly endless stream of remixes of Gallant'sWeight In Gold since it's release at the beginning of the summer. But none that have done it justice quite as well as this. For his first remix in nearly a year, Parisian producer Zimmer has taken on the LA-based artist's breakthrough single, delivering a finely crafted combination of styles we couldn't have dreamt up any better. Considering the originals vocal is arguably one of the best on a track so far this year, it's certainly not easy to handle, yet Zimmer's done an outstanding job mixing it with how own distinct production here. Seamlessly fusing the two, he lets an ebb and flow of energy and emotion carry the listener through with effortless ease, resulting in a uniquely magical atmosphere on the whole. Don't let this one pass you by.