CS PREMIERE | Babe — Baby You're Right (Touch Tone Remix)

Monday mornings are rarely something to look forward to, but luckily today we're starting things off with the premiere of a brand new remix from Touch Tone, which will surely help lift those spirits. After a bit of a hiatus, the LA producer is back and clearly hasn't missed a beat, putting a lush spin on Baby You're Right, by fellow California–based outfit BABE. Touch Tone works in perfect unison with the original vocal, courtesy of lead singer Derek Thomas, ideally complimenting it's unique draw through an upbeat indie dance atmosphere of bright percussive touches, disco-tinged synths and a buoyant bassline. It's that hanging on to summer, warm nights anthem you didn't know you were looking for, but now've found, and would do well to it keep close.

Have a listen to the remix below, and be sure to pick yourself up a free download here.

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