The Jam Jar • 188

How in the world it's already the last week of January is beyond me, but here we are. The year's been a whirlwind so far, and though I wouldn't have it any other way, I'm excited to finally get a new edition of Jam Jar out. All about the good ones on this.

Zimmer leads with Fire, the second single off his Ceremony EP (catch the newest one here as well!), that has us blooming to life despite it being the middle of winter. Then comes a fantastic tune I just stumbled upon by the name of Pure Luck, coming from up–and–comer Ninajirachi out of Central Coast AUS. Past those we've got one of my recent favorites from Korean producer YESEO (someone I'll definitely be keeping a keen eye on), the first taste of Jengi Beats forthcoming EP in the form of his supreme house jam High, plus the immaculately tripped out Shock Horror by way of Shy Luv – and much more.

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