If you don’t recognize the name Sofi Tukker by now, please locate the nearest eye doctor and rethink your squad roster because someone should have said something months ago. The Brooklyn duo finished strong with a phenomenal 2016, dropping the eclectic funkathon of an EP Soft Animals and receiving a (well deserved) Grammy nom for standout track Drinkee, while also embarking on a next-level tour that I had the distinct pleasure of catching personally. They even started a hotline via Facebook Live for any fan who dared leave a voicemail, with the chance to get a personal call back — in which there were several. If that doesn’t get you stoked on artists being real, caring people then check out this $400 hairdryer to thaw your frozen heart.

As we turn a new leaf into the unknowing abyss of 2017, the pair has graciously returned — this time showcasing a hypnotic new single entitled Johny. From the get go, it becomes clear that this could be the sequel to where Soft Animals left off; the sonic equivalent of 80’s crime film villain, chock full of sex appeal and South American nightclub haze, driving into the sunset in a stolen Camaro. Thick bassline and layered claps wash over Sophie’s unyieldingly sensual vocals, accompanied by mesmerizing strings to yet again unlock some unexplored, primal depths in one’s psyche. Whether it’s doubling up on free samples or orchestrating a jewelry heist, the track legitimately inspires the desire to get into trouble — and as of now we’re totally ok with that. Be sure to catch their upcoming headline tour starting here in SF, and come say hi because I’ve definitely already secured tickets. Get involved!