CS Premiere • Jason Gaffner — Losing My Mind

Jason Gaffner's been the voice and collaborative force behind some of our favorite jams over the past year, including Tyler Touché's Act Of God, Love Thy Brother's Higher Love and Mark Maxwell's Say It Again. In fact it's safe to say the LA–based artist is one of our favorite vocalists in the game right now, so we couldn't be more stoked to see him out with his very own single today called Losing My Mind, the first taste we're getting of his forthcoming EP.

You know you're in for a treat from the very start, as shimmering synths reminiscent of 'Discovery'–era Daft Punk provide a tantalizing lead, which are soon joined by JG's faultless vocal melodies, slick guitar lines and tasteful live horns. It's a track that deftly fuses classic French touch with modern funk the likes of Jamiroquai, and that's definitely a feel we can get behind. What we're saying is, this one's pretty much impossible not to love. It's Friday and this is sure to have you doing some fleet–footed finger snapping in no time. Tune in and get down below.