ARME — Empty Cups

You know that feeling when a track comes out of nowhere to make you publicly exclaim "DAMN this is good!"? Frankly, we live for just that — rhythms that blindside you, leading to repeated plays, texts to friends/family, and temporary albeit concerning health issues. Rest assured, we have a trained medic on speed dial in case of any serious emergency, which there have unfortunately been several.

Enter Romanian duo ARME, a relatively unknown yet ferociously talented team that seem to have totally nailed a unique shimmery house sound, recently offering the infectious track Empty Cups for our listening pleasure. The young Bucharest natives employ a series of cowbell hits and droplets to build over pitched down R&B vocals, right before unleashing a mesmerizing synth line that quickly hijacks one’s body movements. The term “summer anthem” gets thrown around quite a lot but becomes tough to avoid on this one, as the idyllic scene of a rooftop pool party immediately comes to mind. We’ll undoubtedly be keeping a close watch on these guys, who can only provide more sonic gold. Stream the track below and be sure to stretch out beforehand!