CS Premiere | Boys Get Hurt — It's About Us


With the summer solstice upon us this week, it's time to start stacking those warm weather playlists with all of the essential goods we can get our hands on. It's clear our good friend Boys Get Hurt feels the same way, and he's here to get things moving on the right note, with the drop of a brand new track by the name of It's About Us.

Brimming with that feel–good, sunshine ready sentiment we've come to know the Tokyo producer for, there's really nothing not to love about this jam. Breezy, atmospheric samples knit their way around vibrant synth lines, bubbling percussive notes and lighthearted vocals slices for a six–minute jaunt of nu disco bliss. Go grab your shades, mix up the mojito variety of your choice, seek of a warm piece of sand and drift away with this one.