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Combining a positive, and unquestionably outlandish, attitude with endless authenticity has proven a winning mix for Denver's own Brennen Bryarly, better known musically under the moniker option4, and it's been incredible to watch that constant pushing of the envelope pay off. Lately the producer's been turning out weapons left and right, as his new multimedia album The Rise of the CatLord unfolds and a duo alongside MANIK, 909 Til Infinity, takes flight. And we just gotta say, there's no dude more deserving of the impending success than he is. 

We took a minute to sit down with the homegrown talent to crack into the unconventional hustle that he pushes daily, hear about what's been going on and what we can look forward to next. He's also graced us with a fresh new mixtape, that much like his personality, is brimming with good vibes and peculiar pairings, for a fantastically wild ride on the whole. Get into it all below and enjoy!

Tracklist • 

Coming soon 🙃

Interview •

Thanks for getting together with us B! To get started, let’s hear a bit about what went into the mix you’ve laced up.

Oh man, this one is a doozy. It’s got some dope unreleased stuff in there and some of the hottest joints out right now. Real happy with how it turned out x

Alright, talk to us about the new multimedia album project, combining a comic book style storyline and artwork alongside the singles has been amazing. Where did the idea originate? Who’s writing these unbelievable narratives? Will we ever get our hands on a printed first edition?

Haha.. umm well I was just sitting at a bar one night with a friend (Who ends up being the CatLord himself) and he was making me laugh a lot. So I kind of had an out of body moment for a sec and realized that I have been surrounding myself with some amazing characters and had been taking that fact for granted. I’m super fortunate to have such rad people around me. They’re crazy but in the most awesome of ways. So as I am staring at my homie while we were in conversation, I just stopped him and was like, you should be a movie character. Obviously I couldn’t make a movie but I did have the budget to make a comic book so we ran with that. I just selected a bunch of my wild friends and made them into comic book characters. It was a blast writing the story and shooting the shots. The whole thing has been fun and refreshing for me creatively.

We’ve always known you to surround yourself with friends, recent collaborations including Treasure Fingers’ involvement on the new album art and your duo (909 Til Infinity) alongside MANIK are great examples. How does that affect you in your solo work?

I was adamantly opposed to ever collaborating with anyone for a real long time. I just have a hard time with other people in the studio, but fortunately for me that’s changed over the last year. Working with other friends to create cool stuff has been super positive for me creatively. Not to mention it keeps me closer with what they’ve got going on solo as well, so that’s been fun to support. I recently went out and worked with Worthy on an EP and it came out great, so that’s exciting too. I got dope friends.

You’ve been at this music thing for a long time, and have stood in many different roles. Hit us with a few pieces of advice for the ones just starting out.

I’ve been in the game for a minute but.. The one thing that has never ceased to amaze me is how quickly it changes. ALL the time. It’s a beautiful and frustrating industry so if you’re not really into it because of a sincere love of music and sharing music with others, it’ll fade quickly for you. If you’re just starting out, just recognize that. It’s a huge never ending grind but with the right mindset it doesn’t feel like an agonizing cause.

On to more serious things –

We just watched this movie about a dystopian society where single people have to find a mate within forty-five days, or else be transformed into an animal of their choice. Naturally it got us thinking, what animal would you choose and why?

BEAR for SURE. I was on the fence about bears for a while but now I’m fully on board.

Favorite city to play in the US?

OOF.. I’ve been so blessed lately with amazing shows in several places.. It’s a tough question. I’d have to give it up to Detroit though. IF BARELY. I love everywhere else too but Detroit has a certain down to Earth vibe to it that reminds me of Denver.

Favorite people to play with?

My boy Manik for sure. We just did our first show together and it was awesome. I’ve had an unreal time playing with Moon Boots over the years. He’s such a good DJ and I feel like his DJ skills might get slept on sometimes. Shiba San and Golf Clap have always been fun to rock with as well- They’re family. Obviously Treasure Fingers <3 Long live Psycho Disco~

Favorite pastime outside of creating dancefloor heaters?

SLEEP. And NBA Jam. hahaha

Best moment of the year so far?

Hmm good question.. It’d have to be when I bought my NBA Jam machine. That joint has been SO fun to rock

And lastly, what can we look forward to from you for the rest of 2016?

THE COMIC BOOK! FINALLY released in it’s full form:) OH … POSSIBLY.. A full length 909 Til Inifinity album as well…… POSSIBLY… <3

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