CS Premiere | Kenny Mann and Liquid Pleasure Band — Tin Top (Mark Maxwell Remix)

Much of modern house music is built on influences from classic disco and funk, as we consistently see tracks sampled in order to bring a timeless touch to productions. This week, rising Aussie producer Mark Maxwell pays homage to just that, delivering his own take on a little known cut by the name of Tin Top from Kenny Mann and The Liquid Pleasure Band, that will quickly get the dancefloor moving.

With the success of last year's hit singles Say It Again and Give Me A Chance, the Brisbane artist firmly positioned himself in the thriving Australian house scene, and this latest remix does well to continue that momentum. Capturing the original's colourful, funk–driven atmosphere and combining it with shuffling percussion, boisterous horns and a relentless bassline, Maxwell has no problem keeping us grooving the whole way through. Don't hesitate to turn the dial all the way up on this treat.

“I’ve always loved the original funk and disco tracks that have influenced and been sampled by so many of the classic house tracks we hear today...Being able to create my own take on this style of house track was something that I’d always wanted to do. I wanted to produce something that would stand up on today’s dance floor, but still pay homage to the inherent groove and organic vibe of the original.” – Mark Maxwell

Stay tuned to Mark Maxwell’s socials, as he has plenty of new music coming your way, including a new original with Yes Yes Records very soon. He's also curated a Spotify playlist to celebrate some of the best and most sampled tracks in house music, so be sure to check that out as well: http://bit.ly/SomebodyDisco

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