Buoyancy | 013

Time to let loose amigos. The weekend has arrived, along with our chance to explore, adventure and feel that sweet sense of freedom for an always too short seventy-two hours. Whatever you plan to get into, a new set of heaters is sure to make the experience better right? Right! Well, we've got you covered, with our latest edition of Buoyancy ready and willing to soundtrack your escape.

Norway's KREAM get us moving with a new essential by the name of Another Life you're sure to have on repeat in no time. Then UK producers Tom Ferry and Draper chime in, each delivering feel-good tunes with enough bounce to have you eternally elevated. Following them up comes a couple of cuts from our Aussie pals Benson and Airwolf, who've provided some heavy hitting, bass-driven originals to throw us into peak time with ease. Also shouts to the man Ren Phillips on his insanely smooth new original Fantasy featuring Lily Mckenzie, such a top tune.

Alright now dial in, get down and stay moderately safe this weekend!