Xavier Dunn — Scattered (Feki Remix)

About a month ago Xavier Dunn released his debut single Scattered to the world with huge success, setting the tone for his striking indie–electronic style. Now fellow Australian Feki has taken on remix duties, bringing his own unique spin to the tune. Quickly garnering attention over the past year for his innovative approach, the Brisbane producer provides an ideal pairing for the original framework here. Dunn's emotive vocals are enveloped in nuanced layers of melodies and blissed–out notes, blended with crisp percussive kicks and delicate keys. Like much of Feki's work, it's an incredibly dynamic piece that gives us a new and refreshing perspective, while still maintaining the soul of the original.

It's a safe bet you’ll want this one on those summer playlists, so make sure to snag it on iTunes and catch the stream below.

We're also going to toss Feki's recent original Thankful in here as a bonus, because it just has all of the feels. Enjoy.