Buoyancy | 009

We're not sure about you all but it's felt like several years have passed since last Friday, and it goes without saying we're ready to get after it. We've got a fresh collection of heaters primed to pop the top off your weekend today, so let's dive in headfirst.

On the heels of some serious club burners, Sydney–bred Nicky Night Time does it again with his latest single Careful Baby, a deep cut featuring Antony & Cleopatra that's sure to prove every bit as unstoppable as the previous. LA up–and–comer No Way Back returns as well with Honey, a new piano house groover to add to an already impressive string of releases, while TCTS brings us a triumphant follow–up to last month's Jelly with the equally massive Live For Something. Also in the mix comes a Pete Tong radio rip of the top shelf new Crookers single A Place In My Heart featuring absolutely peak vocals from Kym Mazelle, and Canadian duo Rainer + Grimm flex their chops on a fresh remix of Kill Them With Colour's Get High. Get those and more below!

Listen to the whole set in a playlist on Soundcloud here.

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