The Jam Jar | Curated By Beat Connection

We've got a special one for you today all. Seattle's Beat Connection make their way down the coast next week, returning to San Francisco for a show at Swedish American Music Hall on Friday the 13th. We linked with the guys ahead of time to hear about some of their top jams of the moment, and it's no surprise they've highlighted some truly choice selections here. Dive in below, and don't sleep on grabbing tickets to the gig, rumor is they'll be trying out a few new additions to the live set. Tickets can be copped here.

Find the full playlist on Soundcloud here.


These songs all speak for themselves, and our little half way explanations won’t do much compared to how beautiful they each are. The common thread here is just some deep longing, you know.– Beat Connection


Mura Masa — What If I Go

"Just know wherever you go I’ll go with you babe” - Second single off the upcoming debut from Mura Masa. We love the interplay between the laser clean synths and the Dilla beat. Mura Masa has a handle on the juxtaposition between clean and dirty in his production that is pretty well unmatched. Looking forward to this record more than we can describe.

Wafia — Heartburn (Jaramix)

“All this time you left me wanting more” - Jarami’s take on Heartburn is top notch. This one is straight slinky. We're talking walking down a staircase made of mirrors tripped all the way out in a movie from 1978. Definitely about to drink too much and try and make eyes across the bar to this one.

Duñe x Crayon — Blue Window

“Just want to let you know, I can’t let you go” - Man this one is laid back, all the way back. What more can we say, another beautiful one on Roche Music.

Pat Lok — You Street

“Into these arms” - Pat Lok does it again. Such a jammer, this one is getting slid into every DJ set we have coming up. Such clean production.

LISS — Sorry

“I’m sorry for all the shit that I have done” - Very excited for this new group from Denmark who are newly signed to XL Records. This song has some exceptional command of yearning. By the end of this one we feel like we gotta apologize to every girl we ever did wrong all the way back to grade 6. We're really sorry though, please forgive our hearts.

Anderson .Paak feat. Schoolboy Q prod. by POMO – Am I Wrong

“Am I wrong to assume…?” - I mean, its a good question, it really is. Pomo’s fingerprints are all over this one. Anderson .Paak’s show is incredible, highly recommended. Didn’t realize he was also an incredible drummer on top of his front man duties.

Snakehips — Falling

“Do you hear me? I’m gonna fall for you” - Who’s telling who what here innit? Either way this is an absolutely beautiful one, such a strong vocal and such great production. A major one for Snakehips.

dvsn — With Me

“Lemme know if you’re down” - The next up from OVO, another set of mysterious ice cold R&B. We think it's Nineteen85 on production for this project. We really thought by now we'd be over the mystery singer angle, but we're intrigued.

HONNE — Coastal Love (Klaves Remix)

“I hope that you know I’ve been waiting here for you…” - This Polish producer's take on HONNE’s track Costal Love is something that we’ve been sliding into sets all the time. Got so many interesting percussive elements and that funky organ lead has such a nice bounce to it.

Leon Vynehall — Kiburu’s

One of many many highlights on of Leon Vynehall’s new record Rojus. These songs all have such an incredible atmosphere to them. We’ve heard that Rojus translates to paradise, sounds like it.