CS Premiere | Skogsrå — Out Of Time

You may already be familiar with the work of Stockholm's Skogsrå, though might not be aware of it. Last year saw him slung into the spotlight under his alternate moniker, Heir, as a feature on Oliver Nelson's acclaimed single Found Your Love, but the 21–year–old songwriter, producer and multi–instrumentalist has started to make quite a mark on his own as well. Over the past couple of years we've seen him have a successful debut with his track Now You See Me, in addition to putting forth ace remixes for the likes of Prides, Montmartre, and Tobtok.

Out Of Time comes as the latest addition to this growing repertoire, putting the young Swede's tendencies towards feel–good funk and indie dance on blast. The track shines bright with a vital energy and warm weather sentiment, and Skogsrå waists no time getting us up on our feet through a series of snappy instrumentals and catchy vocal lines. Tell us you're not hooked within the first ten seconds, and we'll tell you you're lying. You can tune into the track now, available for stream or download here, and keep your ears perked for remixes coming soon from Indiginis, Besnine and Reuben Keeney. Also see Skogsra live alongside Digital Farm Animals, Tobtok, Keljet and more at Perfect Havoc Disco, April 30th at Brixton Jamm in London — tickets here.