The Jam Jar | Curated by Jerry Folk

Today marks our very first curated Jam Jar of the new year, and we're excited to have none other than Olso–born, LA–based Jerry Folk in the mix. Delivering a handful of his current favorites and inspirations, we're treated to a varied range of styles, from the likes of Lido and Chrome Sparks, to Justin Jay and Tennyson. Tune into some words and plenty of jams below.

We should also mention his debut US show is this weekend in SF, so if you're digging these vibes, be sure to come through for much more this Friday at 1015 alongside Pomo. Get involved here.

Prefer to listen to the whole set in a playlist? Do that on Soundcloud here.

Selections •

Zimmer — Escape (ft. Emilie Adams) [Durante Remix]

Such a good groove on this one. That kinda acid part in the last minutes of the track kills me each time.

Lido — Here (Thoughts From A Tour Bus)

I found this before I actually heard the original. The lyrics are so real, production is on point and the rnb vibe is strong.

Method Man — Straight Gutta

Method Man’s verse is floating perfectly on this one. And also listen to that kick and snare. omg.

swell. — im sorry (feat. shiloh)

This makes me cry. Bye.

Chrome Sparks — Moonraker

Masterpiece. All done with analog gear, which is pretty impressive.

Jamie XX — Gosh

This makes me want to go crazy in a massive warehouse with strobe lights and shit, huuuge track.

Discotron — Disco Ballin’

You feel like the coolest person in the world when you are listening to this. Trust me.

Justin Jay & Friends — Karma feat. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges

Justin Jay always delivers. Flawless mix down, great vibe.

Kasso — Walkman

Classic. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Tennyson — Like What?

Listen to this with headphones, the sound is almost 4d. Tennyson tells stories with his music and is able to make the music so alive. Listen from start to end, you won’t regret.

Sevdaliza — The Inside

So melancholic, wow. Gives me goosebumps every time.