CS 2016 | Artists To Watch

As the first week of the new year reaches it's end, we thought it time to cast our votes for the rising talent we believe you should keep an eye out for in the coming months. These aren't necessarily new or up–and–coming artists, though some are, but people we believe are poised to make big moves this year. It's this particular bunch that, in our humble opinion, have everything going for them – from distinctive styles and consistent creativity, to a sure momentum and buzz.

We've paired things down to a chosen fifteen, arranged in no particular order but all undoubtedly deserving of a little spotlight. Tune into our thoughts below and keep your ears perked!

Artists To Watch •


We've been pushing the sounds of this London–based duo for some time now, and it's been a treat to watch their steady and well–deserved rise. A handful of huge releases (You Are, All Night, Higher) championed by listeners and fellow producers alike, plus a signing to Black Butter Records, has put these guys in a prime position to make an even bigger mark this coming year.

Young Franco

The young Aussie up–and–comer, who has a penchant for quirky house jams full of funk and good feels, made a name for himself in his home country and beyond over the last year. Through the likes of national tours with sold out shows, to his brilliant Franco & Friends collaborative EP, he's captured an ever–growing number of loyal fans. Needless to say, the future looks bright for YF, and we can't wait to see what he does next.

Jerry Folk

Norwegian producer Jerry Folk kept relatively quiet in the latter half of 2015, but don't expect him to stay that way for long, we'd be willing to bet it's merely the calm before the storm. After a pair of chart–topping remixes and a genre–bending single in Futura, an indicator of where he's pushing his production, we can expect some big moves in the coming months.

Club Cheval

If you've yet to be tipped off to this collaborative project (do you live under a rock?), between French heavyweights Sam Tiba, MYD, Canblaster, and Panteros666 – you may now consider yourself in the know. Their debut original From The Basement To The Roof became an immediate classic, and it's follow–up Discipline is a testament to the dynamism they bring. All that considered, there's no question their debut album, which drops later this year, is one of our most anticipated on the horizon.

Bee's Knees

LA duo Bee's Knees have proven time and again that they're a true triple threat of songwriters, producers and DJs. So it goes without saying that their ones to keep a keen eye on. Their Variety Pack EP is a showcase in that rarely seen ability to effortlessly genre jump without loss of individual style or quality, and each remix since has affirmed that even further. Don't sleep on these guys.


Though clearly an already established talent, Zimmer seems to be on a creative streak at the moment. He also happens to be one of the most consistently impressive producers and DJs we've come across, not to mention an all around awesome dude (even if he did eat all the cheese in my apartment last time he was in town). With the momentum of his amazing Coming Of Age EP, in addition to countless top–notch remixes and one of our favorite mixtape series around, we can assure you this year is set to be a big one for him.


We knew from the very first listen that South East London producer Danglo was someone to lookout for. After exploding onto the UK bass scene with remixes for Maribou State and Alpines, and adding a pair of monster EPs on Kitsuné to his repertoire, he returned late last year with a new single The Morning featuring Ivan Franco which we've seemingly had on constant loop. In short, you'd do well to take note of his name, for he's sure to go far this year.


Official remixes for RÜFÜS, Blonde and Tourist, a brilliant debut original, and guest mixes for all the right tastemakers. It's no question 2015 saw the rise of Brighton producer & DJ Braxton. We think it's safe to say then, his ascent will continue swiftly over the coming months. Keep a lookout.


Since Robotaki's reinvigorated return to the scene in early 2015, he's given us a string of choice remixes, while also continually pushing the boundaries of his sound. We're excited to see even more growth, and a ton of killer tunes, from him in the new year.


We absolutely love what XYconstant has been up to lately. There's really no better way to put it. From Silverlined to Do It Well to No Further, and every output in between, he has floored us again and again. With that type of momentum in his favor, there's no doubt great things are to come.

Joe Hertz

Joe Hertz is another UK artist who we've been consistently enamored by. Effortlessly blending emotive house with soulful vocals has proved a massive success for this unique talent, and we look forward to seeing him push that even further.


Dutch beatmaker Wantigga, who our good homie Pat Lok originally tipped us off to, has been pushing the brink for a minute now. His new Pillow Talk EP is on the way this February, via the seminal Roche Musique, and you can best bet it's going to pack a punch.


Since we first laid ears on Syv's Looking For Love a couple years back, we've watched the duo evolve with deft movements, each new release more impressive than the last. Now with the news of their signing to the almighty Black Butter Records, we've complete confidence they're well on their way to the top.

Demo Taped

Demo Taped was one of those artists last year that felt like he came out of nowhere, and absolutely floored us with his output. The 17–year–old Atlanta native possesses one of the more original styles we've heard as of late, and it's got us very excited to see where he goes from here.

Eau Claire

She's got a royal flush of remixes in her pocket, a number of big shows on the horizon and a new radio show to boot. We can pretty much guarantee we'll be seeing Eau Claire take things to the next level this year, and it couldn't be happening to a more deserving person.