Korallreven — Here In Iowa (Peaking Lights' Disco Dub)

Our good friend Colour Vision tipped us off to this little gem today, which had previously slipped past our radar, and we can't get enough. Actually just took a walk through the neighborhood with it on loop, which was quite enjoyable and highly recommended. Essentially it sounds like a radical fusion of early Cut Copy mixed with a bit of Neon Indian and a dash of David Byrne weirdness thrown in there, and we can totally get down with that. It was disappointing to hear last year that the Swedish duo Korallreven, whose releases on Cascine and the like have always been a welcome addition to our airwaves, had decided to go their separate ways. But with this new disco dub of their standout single Here In Iowa, courtesy of the consistently excellent LA duo Peaking Lights, we're treated to one last hoorah, and what a glorious one it is.

The track will be out as part of the Here In Iowa remix 12" on Record Store Day in April of this year. For now, jam out below.