CS EXCLUSIVE | The Golden Pony

From their well–known DJ sets and underground parties in NYC, to remixes spanning everyone from Simon & Garfunkel to Dre Dr. to The Chainsmokers, and a recently released Savior Adore featuring original — Brooklyn's own The Golden Pony are undoubtedly making a unique name for themselves. Their energetic sets and colorful personalities have become a welcome trademark to their style, and this comes through in spades in our new exclusive with the duo. Tune in to a fresh mixtape and cool chat with the guys below, and enjoy!

Track List •

1. Mason — Nite Rite Five
2. Claptone — No Eyes (MYNGA Remix) 
3. Eddie Amador — House Music (Robosonic Remix) 
4. Enzo Siffredi — Sometimes
5. Claude VonStroke — Barrump
6. Mash — I Believe In You

Interview •

Caveman Sound: Hey guys — Hope you’re good! Lets start things off with hearing a bit about what went into this mix you’ve made.

The Golden Pony: Well we made this on a Sunday and were feeling some Sunday-Funday vibes….happy kinda music we would play around sunset on a nice day! Alot of these tracks are by Europeans who seems to be making some great feel good house music as of late.

CS: Tell us how The Golden Pony project got started, and what you try to embody with your music.

TGP: We started as rock musicians who love dance music and the endless possibilities of sounds you can create in your bedroom with modern recording equipment and programs. I think ultimately we hope to create tunes the can be played on an acoustic guitar but have sounds that feel like the future.

CS: For someone that's never heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

TGP: It’s like if Mick Jagger was locked in Kraftwerk’s KlingKlang studio for 20 years.

CS: As a duo, who brings what to the table when writing tunes together?

TGP: We both play multiple instruments and can write, sing/ect. A lot of times one of us will write a the chords/melody of a song and the other does more of the electronic production. Either way we try to mix up how we are creating songs as it keeps us fresh!

CS: You guys absolutely nailed your new original ‘Die Inside Your Dance’. Can you talk to us about it’s creation and how you hooked up with Savior Adore?

TGP: We met Paul from Savior Adore through mutual Brooklyn musician friends a few years back and he actually dj’s at one of our parties! Fast forward a few years later and we had this hot beat with the verse and prechorus melodies we asked him to sing on. He added the “Die inside your dance” lyric with some crazy vokoder/harmony effect pedal and Whammy that was it!

CS: We know you've been throwing parties in Brooklyn for awhile now. Set the scene for us. How do they influence this project?

TGP: Our parties are always done in unique and hard to find warehouses in Brooklyn. The crowd we get some of the most discerning and music craving bunch of nut bags you could imagine, and its great to get to test our fresh tracks and sounds we dig on such great people to see see their reactions.

CS: You guys have definitely got a knack for the unexpected when it comes to remix choices. Who or what are some of your biggest influences?

TGP: For us it’s more about the raw materials we can craft something new out of than anything. For the Chainsmokers’ mix, we fell totally in love with Great Good Fine Ok’s vocals, where with Forgot About Dre it was how great the material sounded heavily vocally processed to create the effects you can hear in it.

CS: Who's been on your list of artists to look out for this year?

TGP: Literally everything that comes out on Suara. We find everything they do so tasteful and unexpected.

CS: Your music is best listened to while…

Tim: Hunting Thomas: In an inflatable kiddie pool

CS: There's definitely a theatrical aspect to your personalities and the project, that being said, what's your all-time favorite movie soundtrack?

TGP: The whole Baz Luhrmann Red Curtain trilogy. So ridiculous and over the top and costumed.

CS: And lastly — what's coming up next for The Golden Pony?

TGP: Finishing up a big batch of orignals, some more left-field remixes, and cheap beer.

Cheers to the guys for getting together with us! If you haven't already, connect with them on social via the links below to stay up to date with future happenings.

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