Max Frost — White Lies (The Soundmen Remix)

White Lies Every time Brooklyn/Seattle's The Soundmen release a new track, we find ourselves championing it without a second thought. That's because there's a truly peerless quality to their production that we just don't hear elsewhere, a sense of boundless creativity that consistently pushes their style to new places. Their latest official remix, of Max Frost's White Lies, is an exemplary display of this, with a fresh direction that works exceptionally well. Effortlessly fusing a deep RnB vibe with occasional bright touches, the duo of Scott Durday & Justin Jamison takes us into a reflective space with a slight edge, where vocals and beats play together creating a musing reinterpretation of the original. This is just the beginning of a whole bunch of new material from the guys, so have a listen and look forward to more soon.

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Cameron Brocksen