Your boy is back in the mix! Time to get your chakras aligned because these vibes are straight up dangerous. Pawn all your parents silverware, launder the cash in unassuming storefronts and hack into the Yves Saint Laurent server because hitting the beach is the name of the game this weekend. Prepare for the total solar eclipse with four lokos, yerba mate, and La Croix combined in a laundry basket. Build your own tiny home and stop whining about avocado toast. Invest in index funds, track the S&P 500 and set your sights on a fiscally responsible retirement. Condition your leather products with the appropriate salve so they last longer. Find the nearest hammer to smash every last fidget spinner without apology. Press play and move your body!

It’s with a heavy heart to report that the next edition of Life’s a Jungle will be my last. LAJ 20 will be a 2 hour journey of nonstop energy, drawing from the sounds of the last 2.5 years of my beloved mix series. Your pal and favorite DJ Gary Paradise will be transforming — much like a caterpillar into a butterfly — into the most breathtaking musical phenomenon, details of which are TBA. I’d like to take this time to thank all 80’s workout videos for their inspiration, Pacifico for making the crispest lager on the planet, and Pokemon Go for not lasting longer than it did.

With all that said, the time is still now and the mix below is vivacious beyond belief. Please dial in and let your worries wash away, perhaps tapping your foot to the rhythm. See you all again for a wild blowout sendoff!


Kidnap Kid & Lane 8 — Aba (Luttrell Remix)
Fenech Soler — Night Time TV (Russ Chimes Remix)
London Grammar — Oh Woman Oh Man (MK Remix)
Miami Horror — Stranger (Bufi Remix)
Camelphat & Elderbrook — Cola
Dirty South — I Swear (Dirty South Remix)
Yotto — Oscillations
Cristoph — Feel ft. Jem Cooke
B.Traits — Still Point
Bonobo — Samurai
Philthy Chit — Reflect
Lane 8 — Little Voices
Eelke Kleijn — Home