Q&A: Pabels talks to us about his beloved 'Day Mix' series


Consistently over the past year, one of our favorite mixtapes has been the Day Mix series from Argentina's Pabels. We've found it to be one of the most unique, well-curated sets around – the perfect primer for any warm weather kickback. And we're clearly not the only ones that feel this way, with the regular 100k+ plays on each mix telling a story of widespread love. So we decided to sit down with Bueno Aires–based DJ to hear a bit more about what goes into this recipe for success, and how he desciovers his always excellent selections. Read up on the concept below, and listen to the latest sun–soaked installment, Galera, out now via La Tropicál.


Tell us a bit about the ‘Day Mix’ series.

The Day Mix series started it's gestation more than a year ago when I started getting deeper into the disco, soul, funk and hip hop scene, but started being a real thing when my first installment was spotted by the guys from La Tropicál and decided to make a series out of it. It took time for me to develop the concept behind the whole project after getting into the deep house, nu disco and tech house scene for the previous years. Still, right now the Day Mixes are a way of showing the world how I see the summer in terms of music. It's all about getting loose and hear fine but fresh music.

Is there any particular theme or influence behind this latest installment?

Every edition of the Day Mixes itself has their own different influences that can be heard throughout the whole session. I love creating a vibe by mixing contemporary music with old stuff, as for music from all places around the world that can merge into a same style through mixing. In this case I started by choosing some of the jazziest sounds and then blending it with my take on the tropical funk I always get in these mixes.

You’re fairly prolific when it comes to putting out mixes, what inspires your selections?

Nowadays, people tend to forget the importance of DJs and music curators who live their whole life digging into the unknown to get the best rare recordings they can find. That's what I do everyday and I think it can only be shown by making something different and consistent throughout the time. I think that music speaks for itself, so I prefer my mixtapes to do it for me.

What kind of impact does your environment have on your music?

I love being able to hear new music everywhere. I think the environment helps a lot on making every artist's unique sound or aesthetic: from listening to new radio stations, going to new places in town,  travelling (which is something I do very often) and getting in touch with every kind of art there is. I also think that the internet is the best 'environment' for the DJ, there were countless occasions in which I found an awesome track at 4am after hearing hundreds of Youtube recommendations and etc, you get the point.

What are some of your favorite jams you’re spinning at the moment?

I've got to say that right now my favourite tracks can be:

T Ski Valley - Catch The Beat (Dimi's & Mousse T.'s Old School Mix)

I found this gem by the classic house producer Mousse T. and it's really working in the dancefloor. I love the blend between hip hop and house music.

Soul Reductions - Got 2 Be Loved

This might be one of my favourites this year. I always play it when I see everyone wants to dance and party.

Kid Frost - La Raza

This one has always been in my library, but I never had the chance to play it until the last few weeks and it's doing marvels. Really in love with the latino side of hip hop.

Favorite daytime party you’ve played so far this year?

I think all day parties are great so it's hard to choose just one, I loved every party in which I could play the sunset time. There's something special about showing through music those beautiful transitions.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2017?

For now I will keep on playing my residency here in Jet in Buenos Aires and continue to spread the vibes throughout different places. I will also do my best to be on playing in Miami this 2017 at Bardot, SLS Sunday Day Party, and Electric Pickle. I hope to be touring there more frequently if everything works out! 

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