Pat Lok — Hold On Let Go

Catch us shouting this one from the rooftops all summer long. Vancouver's Pat Lok released his debut album, Hold On Let Go, this past week, and it's refreshing as hell. Pat's worked to craft a unique sound for himself over the years, culminating in a stylish blend of house, funk, soul and R&B, which pushes the envelope in a time of club–driven monotony. On the whole, the record delivers a full palate of those flavors, serving up something for everyone to enjoy in a well-crafted, tasteful package. And it's not only the production itself that's on point, the crop of vocalists featured is outstanding. From Claire Ridgley to Claire Mortifee, DiRTY RADiO, mar|co and beyond — PL has paired with some amazing talents who without a doubt take the work to another level. We may only be in July, but it's easy to say Hold On Let Go will sit up there as one of my favorite album releases of the year.

“This record is a snapshot in time for me. I wrote most of it on tour over the past year, from Tokyo to New York, Los Angeles to Paris, collabing in kitchens and hotels and bedrooms…it reflects that up-and-down pace of the road and my effort to find moments of peace amongst it.” — Pat Lok

There's so much goodness across the board, you'd be a fool not to get involved. Hear some of our highlights and jump into the album in full below, then grab your copy here — out now via the mighty Kitsuné. Happy Canada Day, Fourth of July and all that. Let's have some fun!