CS Premiere • Jason Gaffner — Murder In The First Degree (Aristo G Remix)

It's Friday, Cinco de Mayo, and we've got something properly picante to share with you. Los Angeles–based artist Jason Gaffner recently released his amazing new Journeys EP, and along with the five original tracks of feel–good, we've also been treated to a slew of remixes from an all-star lineup over the past couple of months. Today, we've got the supreme pleasure of bringing you a sizzling take on the final single from the set, Murder In The First Degree, by–way–of Melbourne producer Aristo G.

“...it just reminds me of one of those classic french house tunes that are so fun and bouncy. I can imagine myself in a Paris club at 3am dancing to this.” – Jason Gaffner

Funky synth lines join spritely bass and vibrant, disco–tinged keys to bolster Gaffner's soulful vocal work with an effortless French house flair. This is one of those tunes that instantly lifts your spirits when it comes on, and leaves you looking for more as soon as it's over. So we'd suggest quickly learning the phrase "donde esta el repeat button", because whatever Mexican establishment you find yourself in tonight, you're going to need it.

Taco gang 🌮