CS Premiere • Honey. — Can't Be On The Record (Official Video)

“This song goes out to anyone who’s been in a relationship they regret.” – Honey.

New Zealand's certainly not new to turning out top quality acts, but lately there's been a fresh wave of newcomers that's got us keeping a keen eye that way (see: LEISURE, or anything via A Label Called Success). Today we introduce you to Honey., the most recent export and your future crush by-way-of the island nation. The Wellington four piece quickly captured our attention when they slid into our inbox a few weeks ago with their superb debut single, Can't Be On The Record.

Just released this past week (for free!), the track lands as a double dip of timelessness and pure groove. Though seemingly about a slowly ruined relationship, aurally it plays out more like the tonic to that, with funk-soaked instrumentals and lovely vocal interplay working well to soothe the soul. Today Can't Be On The Record gets it's official video added to the mix, for a perfectly complimentary package. The lo-fi visual treat was filmed in Wellington Harbour aboard the 'Taina' (Te reo Māori for 'valentine'), and shot by director Sevrin Noakes on an actual VHS camera (get out of here automated iPhone apps). As you can see, it makes for pretty chill times soaking up the sunshine and sipping libations with your friends. That, or a celebration of 'the end'. Either way don't think twice about dialing in.

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