CS Exclusive • Les Loups

Spring has arrived and with it our newest exclusive mixtape. Hamburg trio Les Loups bring us an hour's worth of fresh balearic and disco sounds, perfect for this crisp weather. Laid back grooves from the likes of Todd Terje, Moullinex, Le Knight Club, Penthouse Penthouse and more are sure to keep you light on your feet. We've spun this one a couple dozen times now and still can't get enough. Enjoy 🌱

“For our first tape this year, we all pretty much felt a need for some balearic sounds. Spreading some positivity and hope. A dreamy and energetic journey with tunes by the likes of Telephones, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Le Knight Club and Moullinex – for whom we just finished our next remix.” – Les Loups

Check out Smile while you're at it, a previously unreleased track featuring bass slaps by L'Étranger. Recorded in 2012, but just as tasty today. 

Mixtape Tracklist

Oh Yeah - Nothing But The Beat (Hot Toddy Vocal Mix) 
GoldLink ft. Jazmin Sullivan & Kaytranada - Mediation
Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda - Clarity
Dolle Jolle - Balearic Incarnation
Telephones - Blaff
Hamdi Ryder - Girl U Need
Todd Terje - Kul I Pul
Moullinex - Love Love Love
Urulu - Orion
Shook - Tidal
James Curd - Disco Fool
Laurence Guy - Kojak
Le Knight Club - Mirage
Francis Inferno Orchestra - Vibrations
Sky Tony - Sheila
Waldemar Schwartz - La Taza De Oro
Penthouse Penthouse - When It Rains
E. Live - Flotational Device
See Other - Waitin’ 
Rob Shields - Water
Doc Daneeka ft. Seven Davis Jr. - I Promise
Chris McClenney - Untitled (Funk No. 2) 
Les Sins - Do Right

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