CS Premiere • Vain Diesel — Mono Love

Vain Diesel, alter–ego of LA–based musician and producer Mareux, makes his debut today with Mono Love. The track is a silky groover full of goodness, coming together through a sophisticated mix of classic house lines, tasteful, French–inspired synths and a handful of other delightful touches sprinkled in. It's all very debonair, a versatile jam that you could scoop for those sun–filled afternoons cruising the streets, just as easily as the late night hours you want to linger on.

“Mono Love is inspired by nights where you have the desire to go out but seemingly nobody to go with. Its a jam by yourself at your desk with a bottle of Bombay type beat. It moves with positive spirits, but theres also a hint of dejection thrown in to keep it humble.” – Vain Diesel

Dial into the slice below, out officially April 28th via our friends at International House of Sound. And if you find yourself in LA that night, be sure to catch Vain Diesel spinning alongside Miguel Angel at The Pikey in Hollywood. RSVP here.