CS Premiere: Fleetwood Mac — Dreams (Sunday Cover)

Australian producer Sunday, also known as Aaron Shanahan of Miami Horror and Wunder Wunder, recently stepped out on his own to endeavor upon a new solo project. Following a pair of excellent singles, Waiting For You and Only, he's back with an amazing cover of the mighty Fleetwood Mac and their all–time classic Dreams, which I'm feeling very honored to have the chance to premiere today. Fleetwood Mac is a band that's played an impactful part in my musical upbringing, and it's no surprise to find the California–based producer has a similar connection. 

“This song has been embedded deep in my psyche and subconscious throughout my music and life. I felt it suited this project to show my affection and love for “Dreams”. Fleetwood Mac have an ethereal nature that resonates in me and is a theme in Sunday”
— Sunday

There's an obvious spiritual alignment here and that's created a superb result, giving us a deeper glimpse at what makes this project so special. Sunday captures the original's essence, yet has us experiencing it through his own, Joshua Tree–inspired lens. It's a personal and singular approach, which really is the only way to do such a universally loved song justice. Have a listen in full now, and keep your ears out for more new music from Sunday in the coming months.

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