The Jam Jar • Curated by Kae Sun

We're really excited about the newest edition to our curated Jam Jar series today, featuring Montreal based, Ghana born Kae Sun. The artist was raised in a musical family, establishing his roots through singing in church, playing guitar with his brother, and as a teenager in the 90s, gravitating towards the influential voices of Outkast, Nas and dead prez. These myriad influences are easily felt in the colorful avant pop and soul–inspired songs he creates. It's no wonder he counts Janelle Monae among his admirers, just one listen to his latest single Flip the Rules and we were hooked.

Enjoy a selection of his favorite tracks at the moment below, and listen in full on Spotify.

Pharaoh Sanders - Astral Travelling

Listening to a song beyond the 3 minute mark in 2017 it’s like having a landline. This song is a practice in focus - pure meditation. It takes me there every time.

Outkast - Da Art of Storytellin’ (Pt.1)

From what is in my opinion the best engineered hip-hop record from that era. The balance of elements achieved in the production is brilliant.

Billy Paul - War of The Gods

A 10 minute metaphor of our spiritual condition as beings caught in duality. It’s a work of beauty and his vocals are hauntingly soulful.

Camille Yarbrough - All Hid

Urgency. It’s 1975 Camille Yarbrough warns about the widening margins in capitalist society. “Because everybody goes when the wagon comes”. Here we are.

Hugh Mundell - Ital Sip

Ital Sip sounds like it’d be great name for a cafe. Hugh Mundell sings about his thirst for righteousness and basic necessities under oppressive social conditions. RIP Hugh.

Kelela - Bank Head (Extended)

Kelela puts me in such a great mood every time. I hope we get more records from her soon.

Mara TK - Run

Mara TK mixes passionate vocals, subtle electronic sounds with a perfect shot of Māori influences.

Iman Omari - Energy

I wish I could place giant speaker over the planet, play this song and freeze everything else.

Kae Sun - Flip The Rule

Some dude working through his cynicism and hopefully making progress.

Erykah Badu - Twinkle

I’ll let god herself close this off.

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