Life's a Jungle | Vol. 18

Guys, I’ve missed you all so much. You know how it is — first you get dragged into the cessna with Sergei, several Portuguese models and an ice-cream machine. Next thing you know you’ve been sitting in the Malaysian rainforest with a toy lightsaber and no shoes for a few too many weeks. It’s been a long and dehydrated (which is so unlike me) journey back home but I made it, calibrated the decks and proceeded to call the fire department — more than once — from the lineup of scorchers you’re about to hear. Lucky for all, I’ve learned a few lessons from this time off, which go as follows:

1. Don’t be a buzzkill. Next time you find an untripped Croatian landmine you probably shouldn’t bring it to an art museum. It will 100% without a doubt make everyone else upset!

2. Live each day like it’s your last. Sometimes all you need is 15 remote control drones, several meters of PVC pipe, top shelf mezcal and a few locals with nothing to lose. The sun doesn’t hurt either!

3. Always stick to your guns. If you find yourself deep in the snake-fighting world down on your luck, it’s time to walk away. You want to keep all those teeth where they are!

I also want to take a second to say that it’s so fucking good to be back, I just can’t even. This mix was really reflective of the vibe I’ve been into as of late, a little more smooth sailing than before. Hope you can vibe with it!

Also, I met a girl! She’s great (and real). Exciting right?!

Now get out there and dance!

Tracklist: Coming soon