CS Exclusive • Eat More Cake

Following a massive breakout with their new single Heat Of The Night, which has received accolades from the likes of Pete Tong, The Magician and more tastemakers across the globe — London duo Eat More Cake seem poised for a big success this year. That said, we couldn't be more delighted to have the guys on board for our latest exclusive, for which they've put together a brilliant mixtape as well as with answered a handful of questions for us. Rinse + repeat below, and don't miss checking out the new single if you haven't quite yet 🥂

Tracklist • 

Eat More Cake - Heat Of The Night
George Vala - 11:41
N2N - Mistress (feat. Yaarrohs) (Kyle Watson Remix)
Kidnap Kid - Mist
Icarus - Hiding
Exactlee - Got It (Original Mix)
Mike Mago & Dragonette - Secret Stash (The Him Remix)
SNBRN & Sevenn - What You Need
Way Out West - Set My Mind (Original Mix)
Brett Gould - Say It Loud (Original Mix)
Sailor & I - Chameleon (Original Mix)

Interview •

Hey guys! You’re fresh of the release of your new single Heat Of The Night, which has already seen heaps of global support – tell us a bit about how the track came together.

Hi. Heat Of The Night was one of those ideas that was pretty much finished within a week. I put down the piano riff and chords and was trying to think of melodies and once I’d got “In the heat of the night had a crazy idea / to follow my heart and my heart led me here” I was like “hang on a sec - might be on to something here” so I was keen to finish it up - I think if you’re excited about a track you’re more likely to really focus - the whole thing just seemed to write itself after that. It was based on something that had just happened in my life - so the hard part, the concept, was done - it was just finding the right words to explain the situation.

Give us the ideal scenario for listening to your music?

Dunno really - walking about - definitely on headphones :) 

Your tracks blend various genres, making them tricky to fit into a box, do you think it even matters to talk about music in terms of genre anymore?

I really don’t know how to answer this one. I mean anything will fit into a genre, if you think about genres as just a way of describing the tempo, style, instrumentation etc of the music. I think if you’re only making music of one particular genre it can get a bit dull so it’s nice to change it up but, to be fair, since we’ve started making more consistent tracks, we’ve become much more successful - I guess people like to know what they’re gonna get - or at least industry guys think that’s what people want. Fuck knows what they actually want - some peace and quiet, probably ;)

What defines a great song to you?

A great song? These are some big questions! Well, I guess, great ideas, lyrics, riffs and instrumentation. Any one of those things not being excellent can ruin an otherwise potentially great song. My personal all time favourite song is “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” by The Hollies. From the wobbly tuned harmonica to the “doesn’t way me down at all” drum fill, it just delivers on every level. Some others include “Everybody’s changing” by Keane and “Like A Prayer” by Madonna. I know that may be unfashionably mainstream but hey ho.

Who and/or what are you currently inspired by? People, other artists, and so on.

At the moment I’m so engrossed with dance music that’s its all producers: Mura Masa, Kaasi, Kidnap Kid, JackLNDN, Kyle Watson, Niko The Kid. If I’m writing song songs it’s other stuff- books, languages, stories, Bob Dylan, The Beatles. The best songs come from things that happen in your life and you stumble upon a cool sounding, eloquent way of expressing it.

Give us three essentials that never leave your bag.

Niko The Kid - Easy Street 

Wildfire & Hey Sam - The Roof Off

Colours - What U Do

Is there anything on the horizon you can share with us?

Watch out for “Long Shadows”, out on Perfect Havoc soon - it’s not what anyone’s expecting.

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