CS Exclusive • Daniele Di Martino

German producer, DJ and With Compliments label head, Daniele Di Martino, has fast become a force to be reckoned with. One of the more prolific artists you'll come across, he's built an essential and continually growing catalogue of deep house mainstays over the past few years, most recently honing his sound even further to suit the more intimate clubs and experiences. His freshly released Journey EP is a buzzing two-track set of enveloping atmospherics and pulsing grooves, giving us a prime display of exactly what he does best.

We've been massive fans of Daniele's work since the start, and couldn't be happier to have had the chance to catch up with the Berlin–based producer recently for a quick chat and new exclusive mixtape. This one'll take you places, don't miss out.

Tracklist • 

Alex Niggemann - Materium (Ripperton Remix)
Whomi - Ghost Horses (Original Mix)
Rauschhaus - A Place Beyond Belief (Original Mix)
Nils Nuernberg - Flame Trees (Original Mix)
Daniele Di Martino - Tendency (Original)
Alex Niggemann - Angular (Original Mix)
Daniele Di Martino - OUCHH (Original)
Solee - Ten (Original Mix)
Andrea Ljekaj, Bog - Mantra (Original Mix)
Leroy, M.in, Yost Koen - The Knowledge (Upercent Remix)
Mind Against, Somne - Vertere (Original Mix)
Daniele Di Martino - Sphaer (Original)

Interview • 

For some quick background, what got you into production initially? Have you always been musically inclined?

Hmmm, hard to say what really got me into production in the first place as I`ve been always doing music in my entire life. I started playing the cello when I was 3 years old and since then music became part of my life . Probably the motivation to produce started when I lived in London 4 years ago and when I was doing my first bootleg.

You’ve switched things up a bit recently with releases such as your OUCHH EP and new single Tendency, completely stripping out any vocals and giving us a sophisticated yet straightforward take on club music. Can you give us some insight into your decision on this approach?

Nice you noticed my changes. Yes, going deeper now as I really like to play small and dark clubs where the DJ is on the same level as the guest and also at familiar, intimate festivals with a great community spirit. This doesn`t really happen when you just make “cheesy” vocal house.

Music is a big part of our travel experience, and your sound definitely lends itself to sending listeners on a journey – what do you like to have in your headphones while on the go?

Just my new EP, which is called ‘Journey’, and I hope it sends you on a journey again. When I am traveling I don`t use my headphones very often as I am surrounded by music the whole day. But if I listen to some music, Christian Löffler is definitely one of my favourites.

Berlin is clearly the undisputed mecca of techno – how does the city influence your work and outlook as a whole?

Less vocals and more black clothes now.

As we head into the new season, were there any particular standout experiences over the summer can share with us?

Yes, definitely. Playing in London and Budapest was great this year, because I also had some time to see and explore the city.

Tell us some of your top inspirations, musical or otherwise, past or present.

It's great to listen to other DJs in clubs or festivals, who are playing strong sets. At the end it is hard to say what inspires me, everything can and does inspire me.

All time favorite film soundtrack?

Film ‘Blow’, and track ‘Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light'.

Lastly, what can we look forward to from you in the coming months?

I have just released my new two-track EP ‘Journey’, and am really looking forward to my first vinyl release, including a great remix from Thomas Schumacher. No fix date yet, but I'd guess it should be released around November.

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