Robotaki — Ghostboy feat. Claire Ridgely 👻

It's been two weeks since it's release, and Robotaki's new single Ghostboy has now amassed one–million plays and is sitting pretty in the top 10 of Spotify's global viral chart. For a debut original, or really any release, that's something special.

The Montréal–based producer teamed up with fellow Canadian Claire Ridgely to create a real treat for us with this one. The track touts funk–filled synths and bass kicks, cleverly delivered vocals and delightful layering to bring us an impossibly infectious jam on the whole.

“Ghostboy is about needing someone you can never really have, which makes you want him/her even more. Some people will always be a ghost to most, even those they keep close.”

If you've yet to hear the track because you've been confined to a self–imposed silent prison devoid of anything good over the past couple of weeks, do yourself a favor and have a listen below. It's out now via Majestic Casual's new imprint.