Kid Froopy — bb (four missed texts)

The weather in San Francisco this summer has been nothing short of miserable. Pallid, grey days, followed by misty nights full of windchill, and the occasional, impressively brief break in fog cover just to let us know what we're missing. Of course this isn't anything abnormal for SF this time of year, but it's still got us feeling extra nostalgic for the days of warmer weathers, when we could actually walk out the door in something less than a down jacket.

Climate rant complete, the point here is that this new track from Kid Froopy is making us all sentimental. This one's got it going on, with the producer bringing us a jaunty tune chalk full of inventive arrangements, spritely melodies and unbelievably catchy vocal work, all while exploring the "miscommunication and things that go unsaid in relationships". Be sure not to miss this gem, out now via our pals at Moving Castle.