CS Premiere • Clear Six — Rescue Me ft. Dija Bhlue

A few weeks back we came across a brilliant release on Tough Love's Get Twisted called Sunshine, by a then unknown to us artist, Clear Six. It took little time for the track's infectious melodies and crisp production to have us captivated and looking for more from the new project. So today we're delighted to bring you it's follow–up, a feel–good house stunner by the name of Rescue Me, via London label Perfect Havoc.

From the first few notes it's apparent Clear Six, aka John Goodier, has an incredibly adept touch. Having worked with a variety of world class artists behind the scenes, it's no surprise the Manchester producer's own sound already comes in such a polished package. Rescue Me is a prime display of that, bringing an uplifting atmosphere full of vibrant layerings and piano–laden melodies that pair seamlessly with singer–songwriter Dija Bhlue's magnificent vocals. It's summertime encapsulated, a track sure to elevate the collective mood in moments. Turn up the brightness below, and pick up the pre–order here.