The Jam Jar • 172

Feel–good grooves. New adventures. Nostalgia. These are the things that make up this week's Jam Jar. There's so much goodness coming you're way, let's just get right into it.

Hollywood–based project PARC starts us off with their fantastic debut single Forever, a pristine slice of synthpop that we couldn't listen to enough if we tried. After that comes American Eyes, the endlessly excellent new one from Promises Ltd. (otherwise known as Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks and Charlie Brand of Miniature Tigers), followed by two of our favorite acts teaming up in the form of Satin Jackets' ultra–smooth take on Goldroom's Lying To You. And then comes a superb new collab from Ben Macklin and Nude Disco that puts both their polished styles front and center, plus Brooklyn's Air Zaïre with a delightful 'Bollywood' edit of a track from Indian film Qurbani, which we're set to have on loop for as long as the warm weather lasts. Jam below. 

Full playlist on Soundcloud here.