The Jam Jar • 167

Apparently a lot of people here in the States consider the Fourth of July the halfway point of summer, but to tell you the truth, we feel like we're just getting started. So today we're bringing you a new set of tracks to celebrate just that. Unabashedly feel–good, full of warm weather freshness and every one as danceable as the next – these are bound to keep you on your feet for the rest of the week and beyond.

Starting it off we've got a couple of tracks courtesy of some great acts out of Sydney, Polographia and Porsches, who've delivered a pair of pristine gems with their latest singles Sly and Blood To A Shark respectively. Past that comes a new one from Swedish producer Tobtok, called Aber (which translates to 'An Unexpected Obstacle'), that's sure to empower and uplift your spirits. Then we're onto Bit Funk's Destination Sunrise, a vibrant summertime stunner that's pretty much impossible not to single along with, followed by CS favs SOFI TUKKER who bring their signature worldly flair to Awoo, which has got us on the move with it's delectable percussive beats and piano lines. Much more in addition to those, so go ahead and feast below.

Catch the full playlist on Soundcloud here.