CS Premiere • SIYYU — Stop Us

SIYYU. What does it mean? Who are they?

We know very little about this brand new project aside from the notion that they're based out of France, but that's just fine, because the music is really all that matters, and theirs is saying a whole lot.

Stop Us is the debut single from the anonymous French outfit, a track that's brimming with an infectious spirit from the get–go and never lets up. Textured backbeats and a pristine topline set the stage, soon culminating in a chanted, unrestrained chorus atop vibrant keys, percussion, and resonant guitar lines. The effect is an ebb and flow of rousing allure and inspired energy, bringing with it a palatable eagerness to make the journey just as exciting as the destination itself. This is the start of something great. Catch hold now. 

And for those interested, hear the extended mix as well.