Love Thy Brother — Love Me Better Feat. Ariel Beesley

Love Thy Brother have been doing their thing, and doing is well, for a while now. The duo, made up of real life brothers Conor and Liam Clarke, has turned out a consistent stream of choice remixes, sparking an ardent following and unquestionably flawless output. Now they've introduced us to their very first original, by the name of Love Me Better, and it takes no time at all to see the track is set to put the Toronto act on a new level. Boasting textured instrumentals and spirited indie dance hooks, built around spectacular vocals courtesy of LA–based Ariel Beesley, this isn't one you'll soon forget.

The single is out now via San Francisco's Bright Antennae Records. Stream it in full below and look out for a lot more from the guys later this year.