Jay xero — Alone In Brooklyn

You may not have heard the name Jay xero yet but you will. After a pair of collaborative singles alongside Sean Glass and Brendan Fallis, the New York producer has got a perfect track record in our books and he's showing no signs of slipping up. His latest offering, by the name of Alone In Brooklyn, continues the winning streak and does well to further install him as one to keep an eye on.

As with his previous releases, Alone In Brooklyn brings the versatile signature style we've become keen on from the producer. Crisp layering, cleverly pitched vocals and an enticing restraint join together to keep us suspended in a simmering energy the whole way through. It straddles that space where glamour and rebellion intermingle with ease, when the night might take you any which way and you're just along for the ride.

Catch the full stream below or on Spotify, and grab your copy via iTunes now. And keep those ears perked for more from Jay xero soon.