The Jam Jar • 165

We've been a bit tied up the past couple of weeks in a whirlwind of launching our new site then out of town on vacation for a quick reset, so apologies on the delay in getting the Jam Jar out, but everything's going so damn great right now we're really just happy to share a fresh collection of tracks with you.

We've got the insatiable future funk of 3tos Wanna Make You Mine, Harrison's remix of Bear Mountain's Give It Up and Cosmo's Midnight's take on Goldlink's hit Dark Skin Women, in addition to enticing beat–oriented cuts such as Wize's Goodies and Moods' Evolve. Also some buoyant pop jams in Bleu Toucan's Hanoï Café and CHIMES' Come Get It, as well as the subtle power of Kllo's Walls To Build and CRAY's 4never. Plenty of stop and make you say "what" moments here. Dive in below and have a great weekend homies!

Catch the full set below: