Zimmer — Lost Your Mind (ft. Fhin)

It's a cold, grey yet bright winter day in NYC. I just walked around downtown with Zimmer's latest on loop and it was perfection. There's something intangibly amazing about cruising these city streets with headphones on, the constant chaos of people and cars closing in but between the ears it's pure bliss. Somehow it all just works, and the world gets painted in this sort of surreal glow.

That's what Zimmer's work, particularly his new single Lost Your Mind, feels like for me. The track is affecting to say the least, and a certain step in a different direction for the Paris–based producer. From it's bold piano strokes and delicately drawn–out strings, to the organic layering and Fhin's stunningly ethereal vocals, every piece effortlessly settles together as one. 

Lost Your Mind is the first track off Zimmer's forthcoming Ceremony EP, out soon via Roche Musique. I think we're in for something special with this one.