The Jam Jar • Curated by Figgy

We've been plotting to get Figgy in on a Jam Jar for a little while now, so we couldn't be more excited to have finally had this one come together. Following the release of his new single Take It Back (featuring Angelica Bess of Body Language) and a live show at Webster Hall as part of the Majestic Casual Live series, the NYC producer took a quick breather to share some of his favorite tunes at the moment with us. Always one to bring the vibes, this time's no different, with Figgy dishing out a stellar selection including Midas Hutch, Kartell, LEISURE and more.

Read a bit about his picks below, and listen in full on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Selections •

Midas Hutch — I'm Not The One

Not many people can do modern boogie like Midas Hutch (aka FS Green). The groove here is undeniable and the vocal performance is stellar. I dare anyone to listen to this and stay still.

Sam O.B. — Common Ground

Very much digging the new sounds from Sam O.B. (formally Obey City). This is the first single off Sam’s LP for Lucky Me and I can’t wait to hear the rest. Total yacht rock vibes and I LOVE it.

Figgy — Take It Back (feat. Angelica Bess)

My latest single featuing the lovely Angelica Bess. We had so much fun working together on this we ended up recording four more tunes over a period of a few months. Keep a look out for more from us in 2017.

Kartell — Ciel and Terre

Deep and funky. Haven’t had a chance to play it out yet, but total party starter.

Leon Else — Dance (Oliver Remix)

Creamy falsetto vocals over a super smooth r&b house groove. Hits all the spots for me.

Le Youth — Me Without You (feat. Tay Beckham)

Late night lovin' all the way. Love the way he chopped the vocals. Silky AF.

Jones — Indulge

Beautiful and honest. Just the kind of understated vocals I’m drawn to. I’m calling it now, this girl will be big.

Che — Benefits

Another up and coming r&b artist to watch out for. This kid is just as talented as a producer as he is a singer and songwriter. Only a matter of time till somebody signs him.

Leisure — Know You Better

One of the chiller songs off the new Leisure album. I’ve been obsessed with this band since they started putting out singles a year ago. Stoked the album is finally out.

Maria Usbeck — Jungla Inquieta (Jensen Sportag Remix)

The level of musicality on this track is insane. Unbelievably playing/writing. Maybe it’s because it’s late and I’ve been drinking wine, but I actually feel like I’m floating when I listen to this track.

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