CS Exclusive • Atella

“Close your eyes and feel that we’re closing in. We are closer to life.”

Cosmic disco from Norway. That's really all you need to know here, but we'll go a step further. Atella is Magnus and Johannes, a pair of Norwegian producers who apparently first met during a piggyback race, and have since gone on to create enigmatic and imaginative electronic music the likes of Lindstrøm or fellow Bergen natives Röyksopp. Most recently the guys teamed up with their good friend, Oslo–based Frøder, for their brand new single Closer To Life, a track that they describe as an "atmospheric reflection of our world’s unstable and chaotic journey through the universe", which simply translates to being quite excellent.

To follow up the single, Atella have put together an exclusive mixtape for us exploring the same sentiments, an interstellar expedition if you will, that guides listeners through the boundless realm of space and time. As Magnus and Johannes put it —

In this DJ mix we are taking you on a trip aimed for a signal, a signal of a new impetus. With retrospective vision, through time and space, we can also look ahead (we've even recorded the mix down to a VHS cassette for full effect). Close your eyes and feel that we’re closing in. We are closer to life.

Hug your loved ones, check your controls and strap in for the journey.

Tracklist •

01. S U R V I V E - Wadenclyffe [Relapse]
02. Jean-Michel Jarre & AIR - Close Your Eyes [Columbia]
03. Fred Berthet - Tri Bal [Nein]
04. Public Service Broadcasting - Go! (Louis la Roche Remix) [Test Card]
05. Deadmau5 - Strobe (Com Truise Remix) [Mau5trap]
06. Luke Million - Stranger Things [etcetc]
07. Made In Sane - Flying Circuits (Man Power Remix) [Eskimo]
08. Rodion - Medusa (Alien Alien Caribbean Dub) [Roccodisco]
09. Atella - Close To Life [Eskimo]
10. Atella feat. Frøder - Closer To Life [Eskimo]
Outro: Peter Scion - Sounds of the Space Age [Huntleys + Palmers]