CS Premiere • Jason Gaffner — Losing My Mind (3 Monkeyzz Remix)

Maybe it's that the sun's shining bright on this crisp afternoon in NYC, or because it's Friday and we've got a full weekend ahead to look forward to, but we woke up on a good one today. Whatever the case, this brand new remix from Marseille's 3 Monkeyzz is definitely keeping our moods elevated. The French trio have given their spin on LA artist Jason Gaffner's recent single Losing My Mind, and what a perfect pairing it is, with upbeat grooves and a buoyant bassline seamlessly complimenting Gaffner's flawless vocal work.

“We wanted to work with Jason Gaffner since we first heard his voice and vibes. At the release of ‘Losing My Mind’ we all decided together to remix it, by adding a touch of electronic pop and nu-disco to make everyone dance...”
— 3 Monkeyzz

Pop this happy pill without a second thought, and get your weekend moving right.